Six Spot at Work

Alfred H. Ellis (“Six Spot”)1912-1992

Alfred H. Ellis was a product of Peach County, Georgia, was born November 28, 1912 in Powersville to Alfred H (Boy Love) and Mittie Ellis. He attended the Peach County School and attained his B.S. Degree in Education from the Fort Valley State College, now University.

12 years old Alfred H. Ellis was playing at the Powersville, Georgia Southern Railway construction site. He picked up a dynamite cap; it exploded, severing all of the fingers on his left hand except his pinky. Hence, the nickname, “Six Spot".

He was a great cook throughout Middle Georgia and prepared meals at different venues including: Fort Valley State College, Camp John Hope, the Holiness Camp in Jackson, Georgia, and the Pine Needle Country Club in Fort Valley, Georgia, just to name a few. He also cooked for one of the resorts in Clewiston, Florida. He was also a community man in that if you wanted something cooked, call Six Spot.

In 1935, Six Spot started making his specialty sauce and used it to baste his BBQ. Our family now uses this full hardy flavor as a marinade, salad dressing, basting and dipping sauce just to name a few.